Hello, my name is Jerad Carlson! A sustainable branding specialist with an eclectic background which includes graphic design and sports. 
Specializing in logo design, branding, and sustainable design. Offering an array of design services to organizations of all shapes and sizes. Hopefully improving overall value with creative solutions that solve their problems. Give me a quick shout to see if I can help you!
My Master’s degree is in Sustainable Design from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. I also have a Bachelor’s in Design Technology from Bemidji State University with specializations in Digital Design/Print, Electronic, and Exhibit Design, and have over 15 years of experience practicing graphic design.
I grew up just outside of the small country town of St. James, Minnesota, located 40 minutes southwest of Mankato, Minnesota. Currently, I reside in my wife’s home state of Virginia in the city of Richmond with our three cats.  No matter where you reside though, with today’s technological advancements, the ability to help is at our fingertips.
M.A. Sustainable Design, Minneapolis College of Art and Design
Thesis: Whole Earth Sports, Developing a Product-Service for a Sustainable Focused Sports Brand

B.S. Design Technology, Bemidji State University
Specializations:  Digital Design/Print, Digital Design/Electronic, and Exhibit Design
Sustainability Statement
We must recognize that we affect our environment. This means we should do everything possible to make sure we are not destroying our life support systems and that our actions affect them positively. With the principles of sustainability and a whole systems perspective, we can improve the health of living systems to ensure that future generations are not burdened by our actions or lack thereof.
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